With our Profile + Feedback you can receive your own personal or team Profile and comprehensive feedback even if you don't have access to an accredited facilitator.

We help you explore the layers of information within your own customised Profile, linking them to your own situation and ambitions at work or those of your team.

Direct access to your own personal or team development, helping you to:

  • explore where your strengths are and what you can achieve
  • discover how to work with people who have different approaches to you
  • move your career development forward
  • develop strategies to get the best results from others
  • manage change and conflict with positive outcomes

Why choose Profile + Feedback?

  • maximise your personal potential
  • explore how you can work more effectively in a hybrid environment
  • enhance your self-awareness
  • explore future career options
  • take on new responsibilities
  • join a new team
  • find a new team development activity
  • experience the TMS Profiles & Leadership Behaviours Profile before becoming accredited

Also an ideal pre-activity for a team development event or as part of a wider team development programme.

Profile & tailored discussion

Explore your Profile in depth on a confidential call with one of our trained facilitators.

A tailored conversation that links the rich information in your Profile report with the issues that are critical for you and your role, relating them to the broader context of your team and specific business goals.

Time to complete: up to 2 hours + Profile reading time

Team Management Profile - £500 + VAT
Opportunities-Obstacles Quotient Profile (QO2) - £500 + VAT
Linking Leader Profile - £600 + VAT

Window on Work Values Profile - £500 + VAT
Leadership Behaviours Profile - £750 + VAT

Also available as a team focused discussion based on the Team Performance Profile - please contact us for more information.

Profile & online learning module

Follow our self-directed online module where nine interactive sections guide you through your Profile and help you consider your own personal development, how you work in a team, and the goals you hope to achieve.

Includes access to a trained facilitator to answer any specific questions about your Profile report.

Time to complete: around 2 hours + Profile reading time

This option is currently only available for
the Team Management Profile - £300 + VAT

Everything starts with a conversation...

so why not call us to see how we can help you?

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