For teamwork to be effective, we need to understand individual working values as these influence motivation and the way people work.

The Window on Work Values Profile provides an accessible route into discussions of this critical element of individual and team performance.

Gain a better understanding of how people operate together and how well individuals fit with the culture of the workplace.

Window on Work Values Profile
Window on Work Values Profile
  • Explore key individual working values which influence motivation and engagement
  • Understand what determines specific behaviours
  • Gain a deeper understanding of conflict situations
  • A model that can be used at all levels to explore personal values, team values and organisational values
  • Practical personal feedback
  • Helps create and embed team values
  • Illustrates an individual's hierarchy of values
How to access

Applications include

  • Understand what influences a team's motivation and engagement
  • Enhance coaching conversations
  • Support long-term development as part of mentoring programmes
  • Unlock personal potential and improve performance
  • Create and embed team values
  • Rediscover your identity at work
  • Improve communication
  • Increase morale and lessen conflict
  • Develop appreciation of diversity to avoid unconscious bias
  • Stimulate discussion around management style
  • Reframe how you talk about leadership culture
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Window on Work Values Profile

How to access

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