Deceptively simple and easy-to-implement, the Team Management Profile is practical and effective. 

It provides personal feedback based on extensive research into individual success and high-performance teamworking.

Individual results can also be combined into team maps to give a deeper insight into the spread of preferences.

Helps you improve team effectiveness, develop a greater understanding of team dynamics & the differences that build team resilience, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Team Management Profile
  • A unique perspective on performance.
  • Understand how personal energies combine to create great teams.
  • Written in positive language focusing on strengths.
  • Helps improve communication and linking.
  • Based on a researched model of team effectiveness.
  • Focuses on the real world of work.
  • Makes it easier to build balanced, high-performing teams.
  • Can be used in a wide variety of situations, with both individuals and teams.
How to access

Why choose the Team Management Profile?

  • Helps individuals understand how personal energies combine to create great teams
  • It gives individuals, teams, and leaders a vivid, easy-to-use model showing how people work together to deliver results
  • Gives a unique perspective on performance by focusing on the real world of work
  • It is written in positive language, focusing on strengths
  • Using our TMP makes it easier to build balanced, high-performing teams.
  • It can be used in a wide variety of situations, with both individuals and teams.
  • Multi-layered, multi-purpose - The Team Management Profile can also be used within personal coaching programmes, with new and established teams, and within management and leadership development programmes
  • Assists in helping individuals and teams in learning to value differences and see the benefits of multiple and complementary approaches
  • It focuses on an individual’s core strengths as well as what they bring to the team
  • Gives you critical insights to help individuals & teams become even more successful

Applications include

  • Enhance coaching conversations
  • Support long-term development as part of mentoring programmes
  • Unlock personal potential and improve performance
  • Explore how to cope with change and challenge
  • Rediscover your identity at work
  • Help teams adjust to hybrid and remote working
  • Create agile, better balanced teams
  • Identify team priorities and purpose to accelerate performance
  • Build resilience in tired teams
  • Improve communication
  • Increase morale and lessen conflict
  • Develop appreciation of diversity to avoid unconscious bias
  • Stimulate discussion around management style
  • Create readiness for change, challenge and uncertainty
  • Support established, emerging or aspiring leaders
  • Reframe how you talk about leadership culture
  • Develop more effective strategic thinking
  • Improve stakeholder engagement
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Team Management Profile

How to access the
Team Management Profile

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