Focused on key people, task and leadership skills, the Linking Leader Profile gives individuals critical insights into work-related behaviours.

Multi-rater feedback explores the gaps that may exist between what raters feel an individual should be doing at work and what they actually do.

Suitable for anyone in a management role, the Profile enhances self-understanding with clear development guidelines supporting leadership development, coaching and performance management.


Linking Leader Profile
  • Multi-rater feedback linked to the TMS concepts and models
  • Excellent anchor for coaching discussions
  • A simple competency framework relevant to all teams and leaders
  • Critical insights into perceptions of work-related behaviours
  • Catalyst for problem solving
  • Executive coaching model
  • Provides real-time strategies to improve leadership skills that can be implemented immediately
How to access

Applications include

  • Support long-term development as part of mentoring programmes
  • Enhance coaching conversations
  • Support established, emerging or aspiring leaders
  • Unlock personal potential and improve performance
  • Improve stakeholder engagement
  • Stimulate discussion around management style
  • Kick start personal development discussions
  • Review progress of leadership performance on a regular basis
  • Provide a simple language to discuss the development of key leadership skills
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Linking Leader Profile

How to access

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