Direct access to our Profiles

What is TMSDI-Direct?

TMSDI-Direct gives you direct access to your own personal Team Management Profile and feedback.

Available as additional support for our existing network of clients or direct to anyone who doesn't have access to a qualified facilitator.

Suitable for anyone

  • seeking to maximise their personal potential
  • exploring how they can work more effectively in a hybrid environment
  • looking to enhance self-awareness
  • at a career crossroads
  • taking on new responsibilities
  • joining a new team
  • taking part in a team development event

We help you explore the layers of information within your own customised Profile, linking them to your own situation and ambitions at work. 

The Profile

The Team Management Profile offers a structured framework for:

  • Knowing where your strengths are likely to be
  • Working with people who operate in a different way
  • Aligning your own natural energies with the demands of the job
  • Moving forward with your own career development
  • Understanding why you find it easier to work with some people rather than others
  • Getting the best results from others
  • Managing change and conflict
  • Defusing difficult situations
  • Creating energy and purpose
  • Speeding up performance

What are your major and supporting roles
on our model of balanced teamworking?




Validated research

The Profile has been developed through extensive research into how we can maximise personal potential, create new energies and improve the way in which we all work together to achieve key goals. It has been independently validated by the British Psychological Society.



A structured framework

Simple visual models and easy-to-use language describing the world of work help provide a framework around which to consider your own personal development, how you work in a team, and the goals you hope to achieve.

It's all about understanding yourself better and working to your strengths, as well as enhancing mutual understanding with your colleagues. 

The information is multi-layered. It offers a comprehensive view of the world of work and the rich diversity of individual strengths and preferences working together to make great things happen.

How wide is your preferred range on four critical work preference measures?

To what extent are you comfortable operating in different areas of work?

It's all about you

The data within the Profile will be closely linked to your own issues and experience around:

  • enhancing self-awareness
  • unlocking the special energies you bring to a team
  • understanding what makes a great team
  • seeing difficult situations from new perspectives
  • building resilience
  • constructive conflict resolution
  • overcoming difficulties
  • seeing opportunities
  • linking more productively with others
  • focusing effectively on getting results

How easy do you find it to make good connections with the rest of the team?
What style of leadership best matches your personal approach to work?

How it works

Three options are available to you. Contact us now if you would like further information or to book one of these options:

Option 1: Profile* & online learning module - £400 + VAT

Along with your Profile, you'll be enrolled on our online module. Nine sections guide you through your Profile report and help you consider your own personal development, how you work in a team, and the goals you hope to achieve. Sections contain a variety of videos, audio, exercises and reading. Plus a trained facilitator from our team is available to share a confidential conversation should you have any specific questions about your Profile report.

Time to complete: around 2 hours + Profile reading time

Option 2: Profile* & tailored discussion - £550 + VAT

Receive your Profile and share a confidential call with one of our trained facilitators either by Teams or Zoom. They'll tailor the conversation so that you can link the rich information in your Profile report to focus on issues that are critical for you and your role, relating them to the broader context of your team and specific business goals.

Time to complete: up to 2 hours + Profile reading time

Option 3: Profile* & individual coaching programme – POA

We can tailor a series of confidential coaching sessions using the Team Management Profile as the catalyst for discussion. One of our experienced coaches will discuss your needs and build a programme of 3-5 sessions over a time frame to suit you. Depending on your objectives, they may also suggest using one of our additional Profiles to explore other areas.

* On completion of the Team Management Profile Questionnaire you'll receive your customised 5000 word personal Profile via our TMSDIOnline platform.

We can also offer Options 2 & 3 for any of our other Profiles – please contact us for more information.

Contact us now for more information and to discuss which option best meets your needs

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