The Leadership Behaviours Profile is a powerful and practical multi-rater feedback tool.

Developed by Dr Paul Robinson with colleagues at Team Leadership Services in New Zealand, this well-researched Profile provides constructive feedback to help improve and develop performance as a leader.

It offers a multi-rater review of an individual’s leadership performance as measured by the Leadership Behaviours Model.

Includes an assessment of their level of emotional intelligence - a characteristic increasingly associated with effective leadership.

Leadership Behaviours Profile
Leadership Behaviours Profile
  • Provides feedback and advice on the importance of different aspects of leadership in an individual's current role
  • Combines a number of concepts of contemporary leadership theories
  • Can be used as a framework to review an individual’s leadership performance
  • Excellent anchor for coaching discussions
  • Practical focus 
  • Includes feedback on levels of emotional intelligence
  • Follow-up Pulse Report offers a snapshot of progress along an individual’s leadership journey
How to access

Applications include

  • Reframe how you talk about leadership culture
  • Develop emotionally intelligent leaders
  • Support long-term development
  • Enhance coaching conversations
  • Support established, emerging or aspiring leaders
  • Unlock personal potential and improve performance
  • Improve stakeholder engagement
  • Stimulate discussion around management style
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Leadership Behaviours Profile

How to access

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