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TMS Development International (TMSDI) brings to learning and development professionals an integrated approach to personal, team and organisational performance.

We are distributors for a unique set of Profiling tools known as Margerison-McCann Team Management Systems (TMS). Our Profiles are based on over 30 years of research into how people operate at work. Detailed personal and team profiling reports provide the focal point for meaningful conversations that link personal and team performance to business success.

You learn about this powerful approach through the Team Management Profile accreditation programmes. Choose an in-company event at your own location, come to one of our open on-the-ground events, or join one of our regular webinars. Accreditation gives you access to the full range of support services available from the TMSDI team and makes you a member of the global TMS network.

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Team Management Profile


9 & 10 January 2019
5 & 6 February 2019
13 & 14 March 2019
9 & 10 April 2019
8 & 9 May 2019
18 & 19 June 2019
17 & 18 July 2019
20 & 21 August 2019
24 & 25 September 2019
23 & 24 October 2019
19 & 20 November 2019
17 & 18 December 2019
22 January 2019, York
13 February 2019, London
21 February 2019, Oslo
6 March 2019, Manchester Airport
3 April 2019, London
2 May 2019, Helsinki
22 May 2019, York
11 June 2019, London
4 July 2019, Manchester Airport
7 August 2019, London
11 September 2019, York
2 October 2019, Oslo
10 October 2019, London
14 November 2019, Manchester Airport

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"No-one forgets the buzz of working in a high energy team"


Read the stories
Personal success, enhanced team performance and leadership development. Our collection of client stories demonstates the power of our approach.

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What's it all about?

The Team Management Profile
Why choose the Margerison-McCann approach? Read about the science behind the simplicity and the importance of relevant structured conversation targeted on business results.

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Leadership Behaviours Profile
Developed by our sister organisation in New Zealand this Profile focuses on helping leaders provide direction and guidance in an emotionally intelligent way.

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Customised Accreditation
Small group and one-to-one events. Your content choice, your focus, your venue. Or, choose our webinar option. Ideal for geographically dispersed teams. A top choice for our global clients.

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Free Discovery Webinar

Our 45 minute webinar introduces you to the Team Management Systems approach and the power of our Profiling tools. Discover the importance of structured conversations in the development of personal, team and business success

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