We believe everyone should know what it’s like to be part of a great team.

With our consulting services you can access all the benefits of our development Profiles delivered by our expert team.

Experienced in delivering practical, outcome-focused programmes we partner with you to provide bespoke, tailored interventions that meet your specific needs and objectives.

We also understand how important it is to measure success. We provide a transparent evaluation framework and process enabling client objectives, success factors and outcomes to be measured and reported on.

Mutual understanding and respect

learn how to value the difference and see the benefits of multiple and complimentary approaches

Enhanced communication

clear language and visual models are an integral part of our approach, enabling people to link with each other in a straight-forward way, resolve issues, collaborate and achieve results

Focused on the real world of work

individual and team development is placed clearly within the context of concrete goals. Personal motivation and fulfilment is balanced by the focus on organisational objectives and performance

Consultant-led team feedback session

A single intervention to help individuals understand and interpret their personal Profiles and how they impact on team success.

  • Understand the critical tasks required for high-performing teamwork
  • Awareness of own personal preferred areas of working
  • Awareness of varying workplace motivators
  • Exercises to share individual insights and how colleagues can support each other to build high performance
  • Share observations, thoughts and key messages for the team going forward

Consultant-led team effectiveness programme

A series of interventions to help the team leverage individual preferences to improve effectiveness and team success over the longer term.

  • Joint introductory session with programme sponsor to outline approach and purpose
  • Consultant-led feedback session to help individuals understand and interpret their personal Profiles and how they impact on team success
  • Sharing team insights and analysis with consultant-led discussion focusing on priorities, strengths and areas for new ways of working together
  • Discussion of team’s spread of preferences
  • Shared views about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Ideas and actions to improve effectiveness and grow high performance
  • Personal commitment to actions as a direct outcome of the consultant-led session

Why choose TMSDI?

  • We listen – conversation is at the heart of what we do
  • We partner – working with you to make success happen
  • We innovate – inviting change and challenge
  • We're evidence-based – making the cutting-edge research into human performance accessible to improve everyone’s working life
  • We're proven – over 35 years spent taking a scientific approach to creating high-energy teamwork and organisational success

Everything starts with a conversation...

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