Team Management Profile is a unique management & team development tool


Team Management Profile

It's all about the conversation...

The Team Management Profile is a unique management and team development tool that gives you more perspectives on individual performance, high energy teamworking and organisational culture.

It offers personal feedback based on extensive research into what creates personal success and high performance teamworking.

A rigorously validated questionnaire is analysed by special software to provide a 5000 word customised report, available in major European languages. This helps you to achieve results for yourself and those you work with.

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  • RELEVANT A system developed with and for leaders and their teams
  • RELIABLE A researched framework of high energy working
  • FOCUSED Helps individuals and teams to maximise their potential
  • POSITIVE About strengths, mutual respect and constructive relationships
  • RESEARCHED Over 30 years of ongoing validated research into what makes high performing teams
  • MEMORABLE Easy-to-use language and powerful visual models
  • PROVEN The instrument of choice for leading organisations worldwide
  • FLEXIBLE For individuals and teams, for use on its own or within your toolkit
  • MEASURABLE Maximises performance to bring real business benefits
  • ONGOING A foundation for long-term sustainable development




The science behind the simplicity


What role do you prefer to play in a team?

Knowing where your preferences lie is critical to your personal development. It helps you choose the type of work and career where you are most likely to excel and gives you a greater understanding of how to lead and interact more effectively with your team.

This person is a strong Assessor-Developer with supporting roles in the adjacent Explorer-Promoter and Thruster-Organiser sectors.

This person has a 'split wheel', with a primary preference for innovating but more distant roles in organising and inspecting.

Why do we feel motivated by some tasks and not others?

Our extensive research shows that role preferences stem from the strength and breadth of an individual's scores across four critical scales.

A personal Profile shows how preferences are formed, how strong and stable they are and what it means for how a person does their job and works with others.


This person is more likely to thrive in an environment without a rigid structure and requiring a more flexible approach.


This person is likely to enjoy taking ideas through to reality.

Where are you most likely to focus your energies?

The Team Management Profile looks at your complete range of preferences around our unique and extensively researched Types of Work Wheel. It helps you to see how easily you can operate in areas away from your main preferences.

This person has a strong preference for organising, developing and producing and is less likely to move outside their comfort zone.

This person is likely to enjoy working in many different areas and show more versatility.

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Why choose the Team Management Systems approach?


  • Build high energy teams
    No-one forgets the buzz of working in a high energy, high performing team! The Team Management Systems approach helps individuals understand how personal energies combine to create great teams.

  • A researched model of team effectiveness
    The Types of Work Wheel gives a clear overview of the original research by Dr Charles Margerison and Dr Dick McCann into what teams need to do to create the best possible chance of success.

  • A unique perspective on performance
    The Team Management Wheel lies at the heart of the Team Management Systems approach. It gives individuals, teams and leaders a vivid, easy-to-use model showing how people work together to deliver results.

  • Mutual understanding and respect
    You get a greater appreciation of how other people see the world of work and how they prefer to operate. It becomes easier to value difference and see the benefits of multiple and complementary approaches.

  • Personal preference and performance
    Each Profile has layers of information that give individuals a deep understanding of where their personal energies lie, how this impacts their work, their leadership style and the critical roles they play within a team.

  • Multi-layered, multi-purpose
    The Team Management Profile can be used within personal coaching programmes, with new and established teams, and within management and leadership programmes. The conceptual framework, the language and the visual models provide a practical toolkit with multi-layered information and advice that can be revisited many times.

  • Focus on the real world of work
    Individual and team development is placed clearly within the context of concrete business goals. Personal motivation and fulfilment is balanced by the focus on organisational objectives and performance.

  • Take the guesswork out of teamwork
    By understanding individual energies and preferences, you can more easily build balanced teams, fix broken teams, and accelerate and enhance the performance of those teams.

  • Improve communication and linking
    Language and visual models are an integral part of the Team Management Systems approach. They make it easier for people to link with each other in a straightforward way, resolve problems and achieve results.

  • Positive language focusing on strengths
    The language of the Team Management Profile is simple and straightforward. It focuses on the core strengths of the individual, as well as what they bring to the team and to the achievement of the task.

  • Reputation, Reliability, Results
    Used with over 1.5 million people in public and private sector organisations worldwide. Our research institute publishes extensive ongoing validation and research data.

  • A dynamic process
    Above all, the Profile is the start of the evolving process of personal and team development. Its continued use brings deeper understanding and appreciation of the complex energies that create great teams and sustain long-term success.

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