Team Management Profile Accreditation
Programme Outline

Our goal is to ensure that you feel confident and competent when you want to implement solutions using the Team Management Profile.

You will have plenty of opportunity to explore how you can use Profiles with individuals, teams and leaders and relate this activity to the broader context of organisational success.


Modules Include

  High Performance and Preference at Work

The origins of the Margerison-McCann Team Management Systems approach in the search for what makes successful teams

  • Discover a unique picture of high performance at work
  • Learn a simple language to describe the critical activities that are essential for any high performing team
  • Understand the four measures of personal energy that can accurately predict our preferred approach to work
  • Explore the complex relationship between achieving team goals and understanding how individual team members approach their work


  A Deeper Understanding of the Team Management Wheel

Explores the science behind the simplicity

  • Uncover the layers of information hidden within the 16-fold model
  • Enhance your awareness of how work preferences combine to produce Major and Related Roles
  • Understand “split wheels” and the importance of strength of preference


  One-to-one applications

Putting the models and concepts into practice

  • Managing conflict – how Profiles help to explain and leverage difference
  • Explore different coaching scenarios
  • Receive your own personal Profile and identify your own approach
  • Recognise how different work preferences can help influence communication strategies


  Working with Teams

Building and managing teams for high performance

  • Build your own library of activities and exercises to apply as part of your team events
  • Understand how to manage teams with gaps and imbalances
  • Work with case studies using the team mapping report to reveal team dynamics at a glance
  • Be confident explaining the crucial role of Linking in the team development process

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