The Team Performance Profile provides objective multi-rater feedback on how a team is performing in relation to a powerful, fully researched model of team effectiveness.

Explore how clearly the team as a whole understand their goals and what's expected of them, based on the views of those within the team and those who interact with it.

An ideal consultancy tool that can be used before or after individual team members receive their personal Team Management Profiles.

Team Performance Profile
Team Performance Profile
  • A snapshot in time of team performance
  • 360 degree feedback for the whole team based on the Types of Work Wheel
  • A perfect complement to the personal Team Management Profile
  • Key issues clearly highlighted and explained
  • Ideal for project team planning and review
  • Simple and practical, focused on action planning and results
How to access

Applications include

  • Help teams adjust to hybrid and remote working
  • Identify team priorities and purpose to accelerate performance
  • Improve communication
  • Increase morale and lessen conflict
  • Understand what influences a team's motivation and engagement
  • Improve stakeholder engagement
  • Provide a team with ideas to improve its performance
  • Clarify project priorities and check expectations of team members and stakeholders
  • Evaluate and review project performance in open discussions
  • Build a foundation for future team development
  • Identify a team’s learning and development needs
  • Review progress of team performance on a regular basis


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Team Performance Profile

How to access

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