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Leadership Behaviours Profile

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The Leadership Behaviours Profile (LBP) is a powerful and practical multi-rater feedback tool. It offers a 360-degree review of an individual’s leadership performance as measured by the Leadership Behaviours Model.

Developed by Dr Paul Robinson with colleagues at Team Leadership Services in New Zealand, this well-researched Profile provides constructive feedback to help improve and develop performance as a leader.

The LBP provides individuals with:

  • feedback and advice on how important different aspects of leadership are in their current role
  • feedback and advice on their perceived behaviour in relation to the eight factors of the Leadership Behaviours Model
  • a comparison of their perceived behaviour against LBP norm data
  • tailored advice sheets with suggestions on how they could improve their leadership performance
  • an assessment of their level of emotional intelligence, including a comparison against LBP norm data
  • observations on their perceived leadership and management achievements over the last six months; their key strengths; their training and development needs; and suggestions on how they might improve their performance in these areas


The Profile also includes a Pulse Report 6-12 months after completion of the initial feedback. This offers a snapshot of progress along an individual’s leadership journey, providing an excellent opportunity for further discussion and development.

Our Leadership Behaviours Profile accreditation programme is designed for learning & development professionals looking for a practical tool that explores contemporary approaches to leadership. The Profile is only available following accreditation through an approved programme – choose from our tailored in-company or on-the-ground options.

The Leadership Behaviours Model

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The Leadership Behaviours Model symbolises a leader with people responsibility, competence and integrity who provides direction and guidance in an emotionally intelligent way.

The Model combines a number of concepts of contemporary leadership theory – including principle-centred, transformational and transactional leadership – with a focus on the practical application of these concepts.

It groups these various aspects of leadership into eight core factors which can be used as a framework to review an individual’s leadership performance.

These factors are:
Values Champion – lives and promotes the values
Team Linker – links work, people and processes
Strategic Thinker – develops and progresses a future vision
Change Facilitator – paces self and team through change
People Motivator – gives positive encouragement of team and individual performance
Responsibility Giver – empowers within clear roles
Competent Performer – matches personal strengths and effort with what needs doing
Situational Decision-Maker – makes effective decisions contingent on the situation and the people

In addition to these eight core factors, the Model provides insight into an indivdual’s emotional intelligence, a characteristic increasingly associated with effective leadership. This second-level factor is at the core of the Model, indicating its centrality to the Leadership Behaviours approach.

Programme Outline

Our highly interactive accreditation programmes have been designed to ensure you have the confidence and competence to use the LBP in your own applications. Whether you choose a half-day webinar or our new online elearning programme, you'll have plenty of opportunities to explore the concepts behind the Profile in greater depth, and to understand the process of working with this powerful 360 degree tool.

As your accreditation is personal to you it not only forms part of your own continuing professional development, you can take it with you as part of your personal toolkit.

Sessions include:

  The Evolution of the Leadership Behaviours Profile

introducing the background and origins of the Profile

  Exploring the 8 Core Factors of the Leadership Behaviours Model

how to understand, interpret and position the eight factors

  Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

exploring the role of emotional intelligence for the modern leader


  The Leadership Behaviours Profile Reports

understanding the rich feedback within the Profile and the accompanying Pulse Report, and discussing potential applications

  Using the Profile

a framework for using the approach, giving you the confidence to start using it straight away

  Taking the Pulse

understanding how the Pulse Report can extend the leadership development process even further

Read the stories….

THE LBP has been used alongside the Team Management Profile to achieve individual, team and business success in a range of multi-national organisations.

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Global supply chain and logistics company Mainfreight is building it’s leadership capability with the help of the Team Management Profile and the Leadership Behaviours Profile.

An ongoing development programme that draws on the Team Management Profile and the Leadership Behaviours Profile is helping New Zealand company Champion Flour Mills raise its strategic game after a change of ownership.

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