A Lasting Business Investment

"Accreditation opens up an approach that will help you to create business value"

Your programme will introduce you to the science that lies behind the simplicity and the story of how Team Management Systems evolved through research and rigorous testing. But the real impact will lie in how it helps you to maximise performance through coaching and team development using the TMS approach:

  • higher employee engagement
  • better talent management
  • higher retention levels
  • higher motivation and team energy
  • more effective restructuring and redeployment
  • better appreciation and utilisation of diversity
  • more resilient teams
  • better morale and less conflict
  • improved communication
  • a framework for managing and leading
  • agile, better balanced teams

Team Performance

The Team Management Systems approach offers a powerful framework to support the creation, resilience and success of great teams.

“No one ever forgets what it feels like to be part of a great team - there is nothing like it - the energy it generates, the fun and the sense of achievement when you reach your goal. You can overcome almost any difficulty with the right team.”

So how can you take the guesswork out of teamwork?

  • There is some pretty good science to guide you.
  • You know instantly whether a team is balanced or not
  • You get a researched model of how people and work fit together
  • You can use the models and the language to actually get things done
  • There is a way to resolve conflict, solve problems and move on
  • You link together and communicate better


John Lewis Partnership

The Team Management Profile has helped create a more cohesive, focused and effective procurement team at John Lewis Partnership. The challenge now is to use the insights gained to help the leadership team manage significant change.

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Tarmac used the TMS approach to help it through a period of sustained change as it adapted to a demanding and increasingly competitive business climate. It developed an approach that accelerated the creation of restructured teams enabling them to be effective as quickly as possible.

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Intensifying competition, expansion into new markets and the need to deliver sustainable profit growth prompted a new product strategy at luxury car maker Bentley. The Team Management Profile helped the company to improve teamwork and cross functional working within the new strategy.

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TAP Biosystems

Working in a highly technical environment on new development projects with cross-functional teams requires effective communication. TAP Biosystems used the Team Management Profile to understand their different approaches and appreciate the role each person plays.

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Personal Success

Enhanced team performance begins with the development of the individual.

The unique contribution of the Team Management Profile is to lock personal energies onto more strategic business goals. And gift the individual with greater job satisfaction.

Most people don’t naturally know where their energies lie and waste valuable years finding their way. It’s the science behind the TMS approach that short circuits this process and gets things going.

If we can increase everyone’s performance by just a small percentage, this can make the critical difference between success and failure.

And that’s our aim - to tip the balance always in favour of success, starting at the level of each individual within an organisation.



Multinational pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline's has used the Team Management Profile to help employees develop more fulfilling career paths. The resulting increase in engagement is good for the employees and good for the company.

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Software company and IT service provider DATEV eG has improved teamwork, communication and performance across the organisation by putting individuals at the centre of its approach – along with some marshmallows!

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EDF Energy

The Team Management Profile has been used extensively in a wide range of training and development programmes within EDF Energy. The Profile workshops have been like a breath of fresh air to their employees, sometimes even prompting a personal epiphany!

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Oxford University

Oxford University's learning institute delivers events to help university and college staff develop their careers. Some interesting ways of using the Team Management Profile with the students have emerged to help individuals work more effectively with each other.

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Leadership Development

Get strategic perspectives that are especially relevant for emerging and established leaders, and with the development of Board Directors.

While Profiles contain revelatory personal details, the overall framework also offers a real opportunity for big picture questions about critical business issues.

At this level, it is the quality of the discussion and its power to initiate significant action that adds real strategic value.

  • What does the science of high performance tell me?
  • What should I change as a result of that knowledge?
  • What have I learnt about myself?
  • Are we doing the right things, in the right order?
  • Can we tip the balance in favour of success a bit further?
  • Can we diffuse or disentangle the things that are holding us back?


Parker Hannifin

Each year selected senior leaders participate in developmental programmes and assignments to prepare them for increasingly complex leadership roles. The Leading and Managing Change in Parker (LMCP) takes them from Asia to Europe and the United States. The Team Management Profile has been an integral part of the process

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Nestlé Waters

Nestle Waters' director of Talent Performance and Learning realised that if the company was to sustain its competitive edge it would have to fundamentally change aspects of its culture. This led to an analysis and shift of culture with the Team Management Profile playing a major role in changing the management approach.

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University of Bradford

Innovation, effective team working and responding to the environmental and other challenges posed by government are all essential requirements for delivering a multi-million pound building programme. The TMS approach helped the University sustain its culture of innovative team working and leadership.

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In the space of four years the Team Management Profile has helped to transform Mars' pet-food business in Hungary into one of their top ten operations in the world. Gábor Szabó, plant director, explains how.

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