It's about you

Our approach to coaching is simple - we focus on you. Because you're the best person to clarify your goals, anticipate obstacles, and identify the path forward.

You'll see this from the very beginning when your TMSDI coach will discuss your particular needs and work with you to tailor a series of sessions. 

We use both the TMS Profiles and Leadership Behaviours Profile as catalysts for discussion dependent on your objectives. And we may introduce other elements to help support the coaching process such as exercises, models and analogies.

It's about conversations

Your coaching sessions are very much a two-way conversation. Your coach will ask you questions, listen to what you're saying, and encourage you to reflect in order to gain different perspectives on your challenges.

They'll help you address specific personal projects, development needs, or general conditions in your professional life. You may also choose to explore goal clarification, idea generation, prioritising and creating a plan of action.

After a coaching session you may have a number of points that you agreed to work on, think about, or talk-over with someone else. These form the basis for the start of your next session, along with any other issues or areas you want to explore.

Throughout the sessions your coach is there to create a safe and supportive environment enabling you to achieve your coaching objectives, take ownership and commit to next steps.

It's about timing

Typically coaching is delivered over 5-6 sessions, which might take place over the course of 6-12 months. Each session lasts 60-90 minutes, including a debrief.

Your coach will work with you to agree a time-frame for your sessions that works around your objectives and schedule.

So why choose a TMSDI coach?

There are many different types of coaches available, and all bring their own style to a coaching relationship. 

At TMSDI, our executive coaches bring a breadth of experience coaching across a wide variety of industries. Whoever you choose to work with, your TMSDI coach will offer a variety of psychometrics along the journey to help broaden your perspectives with fresh insights.

All our coaches work within a code of professional ethics and guidelines as designated by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council. 

Everything starts with a conversation...

so why not call us to see how we can help you?

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