Profile Services

Make life easy with our “we-do-it-all” service. We provide all the help you need to ensure that your clients complete their online questionnaires in time for us to produce their high quality bound Profiles and deliver them to your chosen destination.

Plus, you can also choose to access pdf copies through the new TMSDI Online service giving you "anywhere anytime" flexibility. With all your Profiles stored and managed from your own personal homepage, you can manage Profile printing and sharing yourself. You also have the option to set up branded personal pages for your Profile owners so they can access their own Profile, the Profile Discovery Workbook and selected support materials.

Whichever option you choose, real people are always available to help. Just discuss your needs with one of the team and be amazed at how simple and stress free this can be.

Bureau Classic


Our BureauPlus service offers the best of both worlds. You receive bound Profiles and you can also access all your Profiles through our TMSDI Online service.

Bureau Classic

We supply bound Profiles ready for you to use with your clients. We do all the printing, assembly and delivery.

Bureau Online

Choose our carbon lite® option. We supply Profiles only through your personal homepage on TMSDI Online. You can download, print and share Profiles as necessary.


For organisations processing large numbers of Profiles. Our multi-language profiling software gives you even greater flexibility and cost savings, with volume discounts available. Produce Profile copies in different languages at no extra cost, and store your own data for future use. 

Bureau Plus

A dedicated client services team

Our Profile services are managed by a dedicated professional team at our headquarters in York. Each person is well known to our clients, many of whom view the TMSDI team as an integral part of their own support network. We are always available to help out with problems or answer any questions you might have.